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A 14-year old boy named Lee is at a school Valentines Day party. He runs into a pretty girl, and thinks he might want to date her. But he wants someone smart. He tells the girl his name and that he doesn't want an idiot, and the girl smiles, introduces herself as May, and says she is great at math, and Lee tests her.
"What's the plural of octopus, and what does an octopus have to do with math?" Samuel asks.
"'Octo-' means eight. The plural of octopus is octopi." says May.
"The plural of radius?" he asks.
"Radii." she answers.
"Good so far." said Lee. He saw buses through the window, "Plural of bus?"
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Joke added 2008-09-19 17:57:31 by AnneRivers

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#1 posted by AnneRivers

Octopus, radius, and focus all have plurals that end in -i. The plural of bus is buses.

#2 posted by

Who is Samuel?
Funnier if May says, "Bye!" Like she has had enough of all these questions.

#3 posted by dcasti53

Haha. Pretty good. Though I agree with Comment #2.